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Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth

The third molars, or as they are more commonly known, wisdom teeth, are part of the human dentition. These teeth usually appear between the ages of 17-25. Most people have four wisdom teeth, although some people can fewer than four. In some cases, people can have more than four wisdom teeth and these are called supernumerary teeth. As wisdom teeth come in, they usually affect other teeth as they develop.

  • Wisdom teeth can become impacted or grow in sideways, which usually warrants extraction.
  • Keep in mind that not all wisdom teeth cause problems when developing. In this case, a person may have slight discomfort as the wisdom teeth are coming in, but when fully in position, the discomfort will disappear.


  • Problems arise when there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth to come in and it starts pushing on other teeth.
  • Additionally, if the wisdom teeth cannot come in due to crowding, it makes it very easy for food particles to become trapped in between the teeth and infection can occur.


Oral Surgery For Wisdom Teeth

When pain is experienced due to impacted wisdom teeth, removal is warranted. Wisdom teeth extraction is a relatively simple procedure.

Step 1: At the beginning of the procedure, the patient’s mouth is numbed with a local anesthetic. Depending on a person’s level of anxiety, your dentist may decide on a light sedative such as nitrous oxide(laughing gas), or an oral sedative.

Step 2: In some wisdom teeth extractions, a small incision in the gum needs to be made to cut the tooth into smaller pieces for removal. The length of the procedure varies from patient to patient.

 Step 3: After excision, patients can experience swelling and discomfort, which usually subsides after a few days.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Frequently Asked Questions

Wisdom teeth are not necessarily always removed. Each patient’s clinical situation is different and wisdom teeth extraction depends on several factors. When wisdom teeth start to come in, usually a patient might have slight discomfort. The need for extraction happens when there is not enough room in the mouth for these teeth to align properly and the wisdom teeth start impacting the other teeth in the mouth.
Generally after wisdom teeth extraction, the patient will have some degree of swelling. This degree of swelling varies from patient to patient, but for the most part, the swelling subsides after 1 to 2 days with the application of ice and using an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen.
Depending in the position of the wisdom teeth when they come in will determine the outcome of whether all four need to be removed. If the wisdom teeth have come in and are not causing crowding or discomfort, then removal is not necessary.
Each dental plan is different as with medical insurance, so it is best to verify coverage with your dental insurance provider as to the exact amount of coverage one has. Usually dental insurance does cover a percentage of wisdom teeth extractions it is a necessity and is not considered cosmetic. Visit our financing page to find out if our offices work with your insurance plan.
During wisdom teeth extraction, there are times when the tooth breaks when attempted to be removed. When this occurs, there the dentist takes the necessary steps to remove the tooth in its entirety with the least amount if discomfort. The dentist usually approaches a broken wisdom tooth by making a small incision in the gum to aid in the extraction. Then with a specialized tool, the tooth is wiggled back and forth until it is able to be removed. The patient may feel a pressure-like sensation during this process, but not pain.
As each patient’s clinical dental picture is different, the time needed to extract the wisdom teeth will vary as well. Depending on the number of teeth to be extracted and the position of the wisdom teeth, and whether there is impaction will determine the length of time the dentist needs. Also if the wisdom teeth break during attempted extraction plays a role as well. A good rule of thumb though is approximately between 20 minutes to 45 minutes for extraction.
Every wisdom tooth extraction procedure varies according to patient specifics, but generally most patients have some discomfort for 2 to 3 days after extraction with the most severe during this time period. Afterwards most patients can have only slight discomfort up to a week. Use of ice, warm compresses and pain relievers are effective in relieving any discomfort the patient may experience.
Generally after wisdom teeth extraction, a liquid diet is followed for the first day. Then a soft diet is followed for 2 to 3 days until any and all discomfort resolves.
Most patients only need a two to three days to recover from a Wisdom Teeth Surgery. Here are some things to expect:

– Directly after surgery, you will be sent home with gauze strips in your mouth where the teeth were extracted. Periodically bite down on the gauze to help heal the wound. If you are still bleeding after 24 hours, give us a call.

– Try icing your cheeks with a general icepack to help with pain and swelling.

– Only eat soft foods such as pudding or soup.

– Do not use a straw for the first 24 hours.

– Rinse your mouth periodically with warm salt water after the first 24 hours. This will help with swelling and will relieve pain.

– Avoid Smoking. This can clot and cause further bleeding.


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