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At low cost, Dr. Amit Shah will design, implant and fit the replacement teeth or do restorative work on faulty crowns, renewing your smile and your chewing ability.

Why Dental Teeth Implants?

Dentistry has come a long way. In the past, if you had tooth trauma or tooth loss, you had the choice of partials, bridges or dentures. Now there’s a better choice.

Dental Implants now offer patients so much more. They give the patient the opportunity to have the next best thing to real teeth. So why would you consider implants?

  • Tooth Decay and Injury to Teeth
  • Root Canal Failure

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Having Dental Implants allows the patient to have a secure, stable and realistic option for replacing damaged or injured teeth. This gives the patient something permanent instead of removable bridges, partials, and dentures. The procedure can last up to 40 years.

Tooth Dental Implant Procedure Dental-Implant-2

The Dental Implant procedure involves placing a titanium post into the jawbone. This is what is replacing the root.

Step 1: This is done by the dentist drilling a small hole where the tooth is missing.

Step 2: Once the hole has been drilled, he will make it a little bigger for the post to be placed.

Step 3: After the post is in place the gum around it will be secured and a protective screw will be placed on top while the healing process takes place. A temporary crown will also be placed on top for the surrounding gum to form naturally around it. This procedures usually can be done with a local anesthetic and the healing time can take up to 3 to 6 months.

Step 4: Once the healing has taken place, a crown will be made and put on top to match the existing teeth. The jawbone will actually grow around the post and will make it very stable. This will result to being very similar to actual teeth.

Step 5: This procedure can be done for one tooth, a few teeth or even all the teeth. This gives the patient back their self-esteem, confidence, and comfort back to their lives to where they can smile without having to try and hide that they have missing teeth.

At our Dental Implant centers, we have cheap solutions for mini (narrow) or standard implants.


Dental Implants – Frequently Asked Questions

A dental bridge and implant are used to replace missing teeth. By doing so, your smile is improved, one can prevent their teeth from shifting, and normal chewing and talking is accomplished. A dental implant requires surgery and is a permanent structure. A dental bridge will last between eight to 15 years. An implant looks far more natural than a bridge and is often times more expensive than a dental bridge.
One may develop a bit of swelling, bleeding, and pain at the implant sight which is typical of any type of dental surgery. Your oral surgeon may prescribe medication or antibiotics to relieve discomfort.
Anyone that is in good health that can withstand a routine dental extraction or oral surgery is a good candidate for a dental implant. Your gums must be healthy and one must have enough bone to hold the dental implant.
Bone grafting is required if the patient’s jawbone is not thick enough to sustain a dental implant. A bone graft creates a firm base for the implant that can sustain the pressure put on the bone when one is chewing their food. The bone is removed from another part of one’s body such as the jaw or the hip. Typically it will take up to nine months for the transplanted bone to become secure enough to take on a dental implant.
Dental implants will last a lifetime, yet continued home care and treatment must be carried out. Routine dental check ups are key as well as how one lives their life including proper nutrition, hygiene, and genetics.
The time it will take for the implant procedure depends on the complexity, and number of implants being placed. On average, the procedure can take between 30 minutes to three or four hours.
Dental implant is a 2 step procedure. Here is what you should expect in the dental implant procedure:

1. First, the actual implant placement is generally performed at our office with local anesthesia. A light sedation can be used if needed. Prior to this we will have confirmed you have enough bone to sustain the implant. Using surgical techniques the implants are placed into the jawbone for up to six months while the implant and bone bond (osseointegration).

2. The second step involves the careful creation of the “replacement tooth” or crown by our experienced dental lab. This is the “tooth part” that will attach to the anchored implant in your jaw. Dental implants can be the solution to replace a missing single tooth, several teeth or can be used to anchor complete dentures.

Usually, a patient would need 2-4 dental implants. Although the number depends from patient to patient.
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My experience with Dr. Shah is one of the best…Dr. Shah has been very pleasant and I would recommend him for anyone that needs some work done.
Arthur, Orange County, CA
I’ve had the pleasure of having such a great experience with these dentists. Everyone is very caring. Everyone works there as a team and it’s been a pleasure so far to be serviced by this practice.
Irena, Irvine, CA
My husband had… two top implants and we are very pleased with the workmanship. Nice workmanship, everything fits well. So thank you Dr. Shah very much, I will pass the word on!
Lucille Hollis, Irvine, CA
They’re just so professional and I love them and appreciate everything that they’ve done for me. All I can say is they’re just great! Thank you and I highly recommend them!
Cathy, Orange, CA
Wonderful experience, wonderful dentist and I will continue coming here.
Kimberly Kay Shumaker, Tustin
His cost is very fair, they do a wonderful job and they’re very thorough about their work. My daughter had all four wisdom teeth pulled here and she’s doing beautifully. I DO recommend Dr. Shah to as many people as I know.
Patricia Tucker, Irvine, CA

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